ExGrey Hair Restore travel (100ml)

EXGREY Hair Restore returns natural strength and youth to your hair!
The innovative product from the PhytoLAB cosmetic laboratory is designed to prevent weakening, thinning, hair loss and the appearance of gray hair.

  • significantly slows down the process of baldness and hair loss;
  • strengthens hair, moisturizes the scalp, nourishes and activates intracellular processes responsible for hair growth;
  • helps to get rid of dandruff, eczema and allergic reactions;
  • returns natural pigment to healthy hair, blocks the appearance of gray hair;
  • without dyes;
  • 100ml Travel bottle allows you to take lotion on a plane on any trip.



Our hair weakens with age and is prone to loss and the appearance of gray hair. The main reason is age-related changes, chronic diseases and stress. EXGREY Hair Restore helps to activate intracellular processes responsible for hair growth and significantly slow down the age-related processes of gray hair development. The unique formula uses the body's natural resources. The product contains trace elements, vitamins and nutrients that nourish, strengthen the hair and moisturize the scalp. The hair is saturated, strengthened, strength and youth return to them, the mechanism of melanin production is triggered which blocks the process of gray hair appearance.

PhytoLab laboratory experts have found that CBD molecules contribute to the suppression of stress and anxiety directly related to hair loss, stimulate intracellular processes responsible for hair growth, increase the concentration of the hormone cortisol which prevents hair loss, fight allergic rashes on the scalp, eczema, dandruff and trigger the mechanism of enzyme recovery acting at all levels: on the roots and shaft of the hair, scalp, effectively fight hair loss and are a blocker of baldness and gray hair.
The first effect is noticeable after 2-3 weeks. The hair is strengthened and the process of hair loss slows down significantly. However if the hair is severely damaged, it may take longer as it depends on both the degree of damage to the hair and many other factors (hormonal background, medications you take, stress, etc.).


The application procedure is very simple:

  • Shake the bottle;
  • Unscrew the small cap on the bottle cap and apply a small amount of the product to slightly damp hair;
  • Rub into the roots with light massage movements and distribute over the entire length, do not rinse;
  • Comb your hair and let it dry or blow dry;
  • The product is most effective if applied to clean hair;
  • It is recommended to use on a daily basis until the desired result is obtained then 2-3 times a week to maintain the effect;
  • The product has a cumulative effect.

For external use only.
If the lotion is ingested consult a doctor immediately.
In case of contact with eyes rinse them immediately with water.
If the scalp has cuts or scratches refrain from applying the lotion until fully recovered.
Keep out of reach of children.


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